5 ways that travelling improves you as a person

5 ways that travelling improves you as a person

For many, travelling is simply an opportunity to learn more about the world; however, these people also discover that travelling, no matter where, can improve them as a person too.

I’m not trying to say that people who travel are better than those who don’t; but I feel that a person who travels may learn more about themselves then they would if they decided not to. I feel that travelling can help with career choices; self-esteem issues and even just your own sense of adventure! This article is primarily based on how I feel it has improved me, I didn’t have the opportunity to travel in my younger years but from the age of 18 I turned this around.

Here are 5 ways that travelling can improve you without you even realising it!

Be more social

Unless you want to spend the entire time alone (or perhaps stuck with a friend) travelling means that you need to get better at making friends/meeting new people. People who travel will need to learn how to cope in social situations and be able to start up and continue conversations with new people, be it a friendly local you are asking for directions or a fellow traveller who you are seeking advice from on a particular local attraction.

Feel more confident

When you are travelling you are likely to challenge yourself to do things that you might never do at home. Sky diving, bungy jumping or even simply just getting around a country alone; all of these things are an achievement and should make you feel all the more confident on what you can do! I used to be afraid of heights and in the space of a week in New Zealand I jumped out of a plate, did the world’s 2nd highest bungy at the time and a canyon swing. I got out of my comfort zone faced a fear and it’s allowed me to become a bit more adventurous and confident.

Love adventure

As I mentioned above, travelling is the ideal chance to take a few steps out of your comfort zone. It may not always be physical challenges, instead it could be trying new foods or perhaps facing a fear; travelling gives you a real sense of adventure that you can take into your everyday life! It doesn’t have to be to the extremes of jumping out of a plane, start off with some new foods, I tried a garlic friend tarantula leg in Cambodia at a roadside café. I won’t describe how it tasted, I’ll leave you to find that out on an adventure but do try it if you come across it.

More independent

If you can get around a country alone then you can pretty much take care of yourself. For younger travellers I feel that travelling can show them that they can look after themselves when they need to and can give them that push towards moving out of home or perhaps heading to university! On your travels you’ll need to ensure you are looking after yourself, your belongings, cooking (if you are on a self-catering trip or backpacking), doing your laundry and just general well-being.

Gives you plenty to talk about

If you are someone who feels a little lacking in the experience department then travelling might just be able to help you. The things you see and do during your travels will stay with you forever and if you ever feel that you don’t have anything to bring a conversation then you could always share the time that you saw the Great Barrier Reef or met a jungle tribe.

Travelling is more than just a holiday. It is a chance to discover the world around you and more importantly yourself.
No matter if you go backpacking around Europe or travel a little further afield, you will be surprised by the changes it can make to you and how these affect your life once you return home!

If you need any advice on your travel plans feel free to contact me, I can help/advise or put you in touch with some of the travellers I’ve met over the years who would love to help.