Fancy an Indian? Check out what Mumbai Street Food is about….

Mumbai Street Food

Mumbai Street Food

When it comes to Indian food, we automatically assume that it’s all about the curries, naan’s and biriyani’s all washed down with a mango lassi or ‘authentic’ Cobra beer…. If you think that’s the case, then read on…. as I need to introduce you to Mumbai Street Food. You’ll find great options with meat and vegetarian options.


Very different to the meat we get at Kebab shops in the UK, this is large chunks of fish/meat/paneer with vegetables, marinated and grilled over an open flame or barbecue pit. A keen favourite of most is a stall not too far from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel – serving the many locals and tourists! They do accept Visa/Mastercard in case you are short on cash! Do try the Egg Mutton Sheek Kebab Roll!


Those that know me, will understand my love for this South Indian staple! A Dosa is a pancake like item traditionally filled with potatoes served with some dhal and chutneys! Shamelessly when we do make them at home, I’ll have one traditional masala style, followed by a second served plain which I dip into ketchup, this may sound odd but trust me it’s worth it! With modern times and to differentiate from one Dosa stall to another, but in order to get ahead of the competition there are now more varities than ever in Mumbai; Chinese Style, Paneer Dosa’s, Cheese Dosa’s and chocolate Dosa’s too! I could go on but I’m starting to get a bit peckish!

Mumbai Street Food
Masala Dosa. Credit:

Bhel Puri’s

Are puffed rice, mixed with tomatoes, onions, coriander, chick peas in a tamarind sauce. A great snack!

Mumbai Street Food
A typical Bhel Puri stall in Mumbai

Pau Bhaji’s

First things first, this is not one for the health conscious, but you are in Mumbai and it’s a holiday, so let it go! This is a thick vegetable dish with lots of butter, served with a roll (buttered, of-course ). Squeeze some lemon on top and add some onions and it’ll send you right into a well deserved food coma!

Mumbai Street Food
Pau Bhaji being made!

Vada Pau’s

These are potato patties with garlic, chillies, dipped in flour and fried served inside a buttered roll. Do add some coriander chutney to it!

Mumbai Street Food
A Vada Pau

Pani Puri

This is a fried mini puri with a hole poked through the middle, filled with potato, onion, chickpeas, lentils, with a muddy water looking mix (tamarind and jaggery water). It sounds odd but certainly worth a try, it is one of my favourite dishes and recently in the UK at Indian weddings there have been Vodka Pani Puri’s served – substituting the water for vodka!

Mumbai Street Food
Pani Puri has gone from Street Food to being one of the canapés of choice at an Indian Wedding. Here is a picture from Shimla Foods during a recent wedding…. Credit: Shimla Foods

I hope you are feeling as hungry as I am after my Mumbai Street Food post!  Have you been to Mumbai and have some suggestions? I’m always keen to hear some good food suggestions! Leave your suggestions in the comments box below!

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  1. Rooh
    July 31, 2017 / 6:32 am

    Mouth watering choices.
    The ‘Street Food’ scene has blown up London & the U.K. in recent years.
    A plethora of multiple pop ups appeae at food markets & casual but cool & hip street food restaurants are the rage in the capital.
    An alternative to the dosa u love so much is the ‘rava dosa’. Have u tried it? Similar batter but with semolina added. Makes for a crispier, thin, mesh-like dosa. The onion version is fab!