AirPortr Review – A Stress Free Solution for Airport Trips!

AirPortr Review

AirPortr Review –

Welcome to my AirPortr Review, I first heard of AirPortr in mid-October 2016, in an article someone shared on Twitter. AirPortr offer an on-demand luggage service from London’s, three main airports; Heathrow, Gatwick and City. Either dropping off your luggage to your home, workplace or hotel in London or picking it up from one of those locations to the airports.

AirPortr were featured in the media outlets heavily over the next few days as they had just launched a new service with British Airways allowing bag check-in from your door. This certainly intrigued me as  I was due to travel Mumbai (India), straight from work, and I didn’t really want to take my bags from home to Liverpool St, in rush hour followed by a journey from there to London Heathrow.

The Cost

I fired off a whole host of questions at the AirPortr team who were more than happy to answer every single one of them (and quite quickly – good job to the social media team). Shortly after this I visited their website to set up an account and obtain a quote – since I wanted my bags picking up from an address in the suburbs of London the cost for one bag was £40 for the premium service of the bag checked through to your destination (BA Only) or £30 for collection at the airport (all airlines).

All subsequent bags and cabin baggage are £10 each on top. So if you are taking several bags it’s worth it. They can also do the reverse journey from the airport

I opted for the premium service at £40 with collection between 6am and 7am of the day of my flight, and an additional £10 for my cabin baggage (my beloved camera equipment). The suitcase is going to be checked through to Mumbai, with the cabin baggage ready to pick up at the terminal.

The Pick-Up

The driver arrived at 6am and I had to show him my passport/boarding pass to confirm my identity. This will be similar to what you expect at a normal airport check-in desk if you opt for the check-through service – a word of caution because of this all members of the party checking bags in need to be present, if someone is not they’ll be downgraded to the standard service and have to pick up the bag from the airport terminal and check-in as normal.

Luggage was put into secure bags, I was confident that both by luggage and hand luggage would arrive at their destinations safely and securely. A quick note for those Club World, First Class, Silver and Gold BA flyers, yes, your luggage will be tagged and treated accordingly!

At The Airport

On arrival at Heathrow Terminal 5, I picked up my hand luggage and headed towards BA First Class check in (I had to do this due to India requiring visa checks before departure), on to BA’s security channel, no need to worry about luggage till the madness in Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

AirPortr Review
Luggage being collected at 6am….

At My Destination

Upon arrival in Mumbai, at the baggage carousel my bag was one of the first out – and I made my way through customs before heading on my India adventures.

Overall AirPortr Review

Having this service certainly made life a lot easier for me, the fact that I did not have to worry about having to transport my bags from home to the office, and then to the airport battling the London transport system, I’d certainly use this service again when needing my luggage taken from home straight to the airport. It gives me the opportunity to go about my day not worrying about carrying luggage from A to B and then to the airport. An A+ service and delivered as promised.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my AirPortr Review, do let me know your thoughts when you give it a try.

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