Mumbai Must See Spots – A City That Truly Never Sleeps….

Mumbai Must See Spots

Mumbai Must See Spots

Mumbai is one of the world’s most populated cities, and the commercial capital of India. Below are my Mumbai Must See Spots, should you ever visit the hustle and bustle of this Indian city.

Gateway of India

This is one of Mumbai’s most recognised monuments, and is a great place to start a visit to Mumbai. It is based in South Mumbai (Colaba district). It’s an interesting place to people watch, don’t expect it to be calm expect thousands of locals and tourists, alongside vendors trying to sell you tourist tatt and sell you tours etc. On the opposite side of the road is India’s most iconic hotel the Taj Mahal Palace, do pop in as it’s a stunning building and has some great restaurants, bars and high-end stores on site. I visited Morimoto’s Wasabi during my visit (link below).

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

As Mumbai is an ever-changing modernising city, you can still see that some aspects of the city hold on to its roots – this massive open air laundry provides you with thee insight of the old. You’ll see Dhobis (washer men), scrubbing thousands of items of laundry.

Mumbai Must See Spots
The Dhobi’s hard at work….

Mumbai Dabbawalas

Around the many train stations in Mumbai expect to find ‘Dabbawala’s’ men who carry tiffin’s and transport them and deliver them to the city’s office workers everyday. Some of you may remember Top Gear’s India episode where the three presenters tried to swap delivering the tiffin’s by train to delivering them by car.

Mumbai Must See Spots
Top Gear Dabbawalas
Mumbai Must See Spots
Dabbawalas in Reality – Credit Satyaki Ghosh

Dharavi Slum

This one is a bit of an interesting one, I wasn’t sure whether or not to suggest this vbut it is possible to go on an organised tour of the largest slum in Asia – some may argue about the moral issues about going on a tour of a slum but consider the fact you are adding to the economic side of the slums – as well as the fact it gives you the insight on how they live and how resourceful they are.

Juhu Beach

This is a favourite of mine, not only do you see some stunning sunsets in the pollution of Mumbai it’s a great place for some Mumbai Street food. (Link to my post on this below). Mumbai Must See Spots

Haji Ali

This is a mosque and tomb built 500m from the coast of Mumbai, this stunning mosque can only be accessed during low tide as the walkway to the site is submerged underwater during high tide. Mumbai Must See Spots

mumbai Must See Spots
The beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaj Terminus (Victoria Terminus) train station.

Mumbai Architecture

This is a must for all visitors in the city, you’ll quickly notice the various architecrual styles in the city but my favourite has to be the Gothic and Victorian styles, these are a few of the buildings I’d suggest going out of your way to find…..

Maharashta Police Headquarters, Elphinstone College, Horniman Circle, Bombay High Court, Rajabhai Clock Tower, Chhatrapati Shivaj Terminus (Victoria Terminus) Train Station.

Mumbai Must See Spots
Bombay High Court

Have you been to Mumbai before? What are the must visit spots you recommend?

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  1. May 12, 2017 / 6:45 am

    Oh I didn’t even know about the Haji Ali mosque – will have to check that out when I next go there, which to be fair is very overdue!