Saffron Brunch Review – Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Saffron Brunch Review – Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Saffron Brunch Review:

One would generally assume that the most extravagant brunches in the world would be found in London, Paris, New York, San Francisco or Melbourne – and before my Dubai trip, I would have been one of them. After my Dubai there is only one winner….

Yes, I appreciate the above is a big call, but just the sheer choices on offer for Brunch in Dubai was a very long list. For us what stuck out was the opportunity to visit Saffron, at the world-famous Atlantis hotel. Being completely honest, it wasn’t cheap costing approximately £120 per head, but when it comes to it, if you walk away satisfied and happy, feeling that it was good value for money that’s what matters.

Atlantis is a massive hotel, and we arrived at one of the many entrances and were guided to Saffron for the brunch, a host took our name and gave provided us with a table number, we then proceeded to another desk where payment was taken. Then guided to the entrance where glasses of champagne were on offer. At 1pm precisely the doors opened and we were led into a room with a spread that would put the most lavish of Indian weddings to shame.

Here is a list of some of what was on offer….. (and yes the alcohol was all unlimited)….


  • Sushi & Seafood Bar – Lobster Maki and the Maguro Tuna Sashimi are a must try. I wasn’t too keen on the poached Caribbean Lobster.
  • Salad Bar – I’d try the Duck Bacon, it’s erm, interesting, there were also a great selection of French and Irish cheeses.
  • Dim Sum Carousel – traditional dim sum, a big fan of this anywhere and everywhere. Also offered were several Bao’s, Malaysian foods and Chinese Roast & BBQ.
  • Western Gill & BBQ’s – this was one for those who miss their traditional Sunday roasts, on offer were Cornish hen, roast beef and a roasted leg of lamb with all the traditional trimmings. Also available was a full English breakfast – definitely one for the expats missing home!
  • Indian – this was full of all the delights you’d expect with Indian food, freshly baked naans, rotis, curry’s, biriyani’s and much, much more. My favourites were the Salmon Tikka, not too dissimilar from the one I love at Red Fort in Soho, London.
  • Bread Section – Carb Overload!
  • Asian Wok Station – do try the Saffron Chef Signature Crab
  • Mongolian Griddle – All forms of snacks from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Indonesia.
  • Dessert Section – Patisseries, Chocolate Fountain, Ice-Cream, Crepes, Waffles, Arabic desserts, Indian desserts too.

Saffron Brunch ReviewAlcohol:

  • After Shock Bar – loved the After Shock pipettes standing on pineapples, Raj’s top tip eat the pineapple after it’ll have some alcohol in it!!
  • Gin Bar (Outside)
  • Champagne and Prosecco Bar
  • Jack Daniels Bar
  • Alcoholic Slushee Bar
  • Wine Bar
  • Whisky Bar
  • “Fruit” Bar – make sure you grab the watermelon, it’s filled with rum and tequila and quite refreshing
  • Beer Bar – primarily Heineken, but some great IPA’s on offer too.
  • Malibu Bar – loved the Malibu branded coconut shell glasses! Cocktail was strong but a little too sweet!
  • And much much more, in other words after sampling all of the above it became a little blurry!!
Saffron Brunch Review
A watermelon filled with tequila, rum and fresh watermelon of course!
Saffron Brunch Review
Little pipettes filled with Aftershock

The next three and a half hours, were spent listening to some great songs (lots, and lots of 90’s R&B!!), enjoying copious amounts of food and drink and having a good time! I didn’t take that many pictures, as I was too busy enjoying myself trying everything….

Saffron Brunch Review
A coconut filled with a Malibu based cocktail

There honestly is something for everyone, I was travelling with two very fussy vegetarians who managed to find many dishes that they both enjoyed, and a waiter also bought out some desserts that were not available that suited their dietary requirements too. You could pretty much have every meal you could think of within a three and a half our seating, I think I managed to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner several times over! My favourite item during the brunch had to be the Kahlua shots mixed with espresso gelato, yep a different take on one of my favourite dishes!

Do leave time, and space to explore the large dessert area! The huge chocolate fountain is definitely one for Instagram!

Saffron Brunch Review
Chocolate Fountain

After the brunch you can carry on partying at the official Saffron after-brunch after party at N’Dulge, complimentary shuttles provided of course! Being in my early 30’s, I retreated to the comforts of my hotel where I spent time relaxing post a lively brunch! As per above, it is expensive, but it’s Dubai, what isn’t? I walked away having had great food, several drinks and a bloody good time!

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