Top 5 Bars in Sydney

Top 5 Bars in Sydney

Top 5 Bars in Sydney

On my visit to Sydney in February 2015, I discovered several bars I refer to as my must try, you could call them my Top 5 bars in Sydney. I thought I’d share them with you all! I’ll be honest here four out of the five on this list were on one night, but the research was all for the benefit of you all…

The Barber Shop  (89 York Street, Sydney)

For those that know me, I hate shaving; I regularly go to a barbers for a wet-shave and on this holiday it was no different, my friend Vishal recommended this barbershop in Sydney and off I went. During my shave from a charming lady from Manchester, mentioned that the Barbershop has a cocktail bar open from 6pm, at first, I was a bit sceptical given the size of the barbershop but we were quite keen on visiting and giving it a try.

Barbershop at the front… But behind that door lies the magic..

Up the steps is a massive bar serving craft beers and some interesting cocktails! The old fashioned is a winner!

Pssst a little tip..… if you step out into the outdoor area look to your left, you’ll find yourself in a little court yard, looking like a service area, look to the fare left, you will see a black door, go through it and downstairs…. It’s the next bar on the list…

Baxter Inn (152-156 Clarence Street, Sydney)

Baxter Inn, is another gem it’s been in the World’s Top 50 bars for the past few years and is a whisky specialist. Some of you may recognise the name as they recently had a four night residency at Dalloway Terrace in London, showcasing their whisky based cocktails.

Baxter Inn Whisky’s
Baxter Inn

The Baxter Inn has this prohibition style feel to it, inside is a vast array of whiskies from all around the world, ranging from $8 to $200 a shot. The three-column menu starts at the ceiling and hits the ground, my recommendation would be to find a price point, and let the barman do the choosing. For those not wanting a whisky straight up, go for the old-fashioned, one of the best I’ve had…

Mr Wong (3 Bridge Lane, Sydney)

Mr Wong is a Chinese restaurant/bar, and was a recommendation from a friend in Sydney. The bar has an intriguing décor and a cocktail list to match. My favourite had to be the simplest one, fresh green apple juice and Nikka whisky. It got to the stage where both Vishal and I simply needed to head over to the bar holding the money and just nod our head to the barman, no words were needed for our order! Friends also tell me that it’s worth trying the food too. One for my next visit…

Mr Wong Dining Area

Blu Bar on 36 (Level 36, Shangri-La Hotel, 176 Cumberland Street, Sydney)

With floor to ceiling windows to admire the stunning view’s of the Sydney Opera house and the harbour bridge. It’s a relaxed and sophisticated environment, a great place for a date. The bar staff are brilliant, always happy to have a conversation and even if your cocktail isn’t on the menu they’ll be willing to make it for you. Yes, you know what I requested an Espresso Martini, and it wasn’t too bad at all! My advice, get there early for a table at the window for the stunning views as the sun sets….

View from the bar at the Shangri-la

Lobo Plantation (209 Clarence Street, Sydney)

Not too far from Baxter Inn/Barbershop, another underground bar. Named after Julio Lobo a Cuban sugar baron, they offer over 250 different types of rum. My favourite was the Mr Magoo mixing pineapple rum, Lillet Blanc, cacao, lemon juice and ginger beer. A good crowd and great vibe.

I may be heading back to Sydney in 2018, have you got any bars that I must try? Or do you have your own Top 5 Bars in Sydney? Share them with me, I’d be keen to try out a few more…



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    Cannot focus on blog post at all as am far too infatuated with the view from the Shangri la bar – looks utterly splendid!