Travelling Solo, How to Combat Loneliness.

Travelling Solo, How to Combat Loneliness.

Feeling all alone? How to overcome loneliness when travelling

Deciding to go travelling alone is a huge decision. Whilst many of us enjoy our own company for short periods; the idea of being in another part of the world by yourself can be daunting.

Many people who have travelled alone will tell you that loneliness is one of the only bad points. Which is why I have put together some great ways that you can beat the loneliness whilst travelling and make sure that you never feel alone!

Never dwell, get out there and explore

Although it is incredibly tempting when you feel down, curling up in your bed and hiding away from the world is never going to help. Instead why not get dressed and get out there?

Whether you take in some of the most popular sites that the country you are in has to offer or perhaps just simply sit and people watch; being out there around other people will soon have you feeling a little less lonely.

Don’t be alone

Okay so this one is a bit obvious, but if you are feeling lonely it’s simple don’t be alone. Take the opportunity to make friends and meet new people; you never know who you might meet. In your hotel or hostel there are bound to be fellow solo travellers, met them in the lounge areas and bar.

It is likely that there are other people in the same situation as you and a simple dinner cooked all together or an evening spent swapping stories can soon have you all feeling part of a group rather than a solo traveller.

Treat yourself

If you are feeling a little down, then why not treat yourself to something you really love? Travelling can often be a time of budget meals and hotels so why not put some money aside for those bad days?

A delicious meal, a night in a luxury hotel or perhaps a spa treatment? All of these things can have you feeling happy in no time.

Money isn’t always readily available, so if you are on a budget and need to perk yourself up then why not spend the night watching your favourite film or curling up with a much-loved book? Both of these are just like giving yourself a pretty big hug!

Phone home

Sometimes you simply need to hear those much-loved voices to feel better. This is especially true when you are feeling lonely whilst travelling. Arrange a video chat or a simple phone call to your nearest and dearest and tell them that you are feeling a little homesick. Make sure that you tell them all about your adventures too, this may even remind you just how great it is to be travelling rather than at home!

Smile and remember that tomorrow is a new day!

We all have down days and shedding a tear happens to the best of us. Remember that despite the fact you feel pretty down that day, tomorrow you may wake up ready to explore the world again. Positivity is key to combatting loneliness when travelling so make sure that you remember to take each and every day as it comes.