Heathrow Express Review – Is it the best way to LHR?

Heathrow Express Review

Heathrow Express Review – The quickest trip from London to Heathrow.

Heathrow tends to be my choice of airport in London for long-haul flights, and I normally tend to drive to the airport or take a taxi. Today was a little different, I had a night flight alongside an important meeting at our new office location near Liverpool St. Let’s see what I think in my Heathrow Express reviewHeathrow Express Review.

I had two options at this point; spend 80 minutes + on the tubes to Heathrow Terminal 5 or try the quick hop to Paddington via tube and onto the Heathrow Express, I opted for the latter simply to give it a try, I promise it had nothing to do with getting to British Airway’s Concorde lounge a little earlier…(!)

I bought a one-way ticket online in advance for £16.50, yes I appreciate for such a short train journey it is an expensive fare but at the end of the day, time is money. It’s a route I believe that would have saved me 40 minutes from my desk at work to check-in at T5. Note tickets bought on the day, or on board are more expensive, so do buy in advance.

The route is simply to Heathrow and back, it takes approx. 15 minutes to Terminal’s 2 and 3, and another 6 minutes to Terminal 5, for those travelling to Terminal 4 you’ll need to change at the same stop as Terminal 2 and 3, it’s a quick shuttle that’s conveniently timed alongside the arrival of trains from Paddington.

Heathrow Express Review
A map of the route from Heathrow into Central London and vice-versa.

The seats in the carriage are in a 2-2 format, with ample leg-room, and of course plenty of room for luggage near the doors. Of course as with modern times there is free on board wi-fi and plug/USB sockets so that you can give you mobile phone, laptop or tablet a quick power-up before your flight.

Heathrow Express Review
Heathrow Express Seating – with plug adapters so that you can charge your gadgets on the short journey.

Overall View

I’ve kept my Heathrow Express Review just as short as the journey, it does exactly as advertised, and is the quickest way from Paddington to Heathrow, I would certainly consider taking the Heathrow Express again if I were to be going on a trip straight from work – otherwise I’d continue with my normal routine of taking a taxi or driving to the airport. It’s all about the convenience factor, and when it comes down to it I’d rather spend a bit more and arrive at Heathrow quickly, over the long journey on the Piccadilly line.